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Monday, June 4, 2012

                      ATOM WHEELS REVIEW

I have found the Atom wheels to be some of the best wheels sold today.  I have previously shared my assessment of their outdoor wheels.   This time we will focus in on the rest of their wheels.  I will divide the wheels based upon their use.

Speed Skating On Ideal Surfaces

Atom Stroker    

This wheel provides fast superior performance on excellent surfaces.  It has a hardness of 97A and is 62mm x 44mm.  Use this wheel if you want a speed wheel to be used on excellent indoor surfaces.

Atom Dubz 2.0 

This is the fastest speed wheel made by Atom.    It comes in two colors.  The orange is 97A and the  blue is 95A.  The difference is that the blue gives a little bit more grip.  Both wheels are  62mm X 44mm.

Atom Lowboy or Atom Lowboy 2.0         

Wheel will give great stability and roll.  It comes in a hardness of 95A and is available is either 62mm x 44mm or 62mm x 38mm.  This wheel sticks out compared to the other speed wheels because it overs a 38mm wheel.    If  you are into precision speed and cornering, check out this wheel!

Atom D-Rods    

This wheel features a hollow hybrid core and it is 25% lighter than other aluminum wheels.  This is also the number one wheel for derby skates on sport tile flooring.  It has a hardness of 95a and comes as a 62mm x 44mm wheel.

Slick or Less Than Ideal Surfaces

Atom Super G  

If your track is slick or not the best, I would recommend this wheel.  It will give you a lot of grip.  The blue has a hardness of 88A and the red 91A.    The wheel is 59mm X 38mm.   If you are into derby or wanting to make quick moves on less than ideal flooring, this is a wheel to consider.

Atom Stinger

Just like the Super G these wheels do very well on the not so ideal surfaces.  Provides excellent traction.  The stinger has a hardness of 88A and is available in 62mm x 44 or 62mm x 38mm.

Jam or Derby Skating On Ideal Surfaces

Atom Trak Atak

This wheel will give you great grip and with the smaller wheel will make your derby or jam experience flawless!   The wheel is 59mm X 38mm.  With this wheel  you can pick the grip that you want.  It comes is a 93A for a fantastic grip or you can go to a 95A or 97A.

Atom Omega or Atom Omega 2.0

This wheel is a favorite of many jam or derby skaters.  It gives excellent grip and allow you to make the quick moves jam and derby skates want to do.  It is a 62mm X 38mm wheel with a hardness of 93A.  The 2.0 gives you a hybrid hollow core.

Atom G Rod or Atom G Rod 2.0

This wheel can be used on multiple surfaces and provides great maneuverability than most of the other wheels with great traction.  It has a hardness of 93A and comes either as a 62mm x 44mm or 62mm x 38mm. 

by: My Roller Skate World


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PGSLOT มากๆจวบจนกระทั่งทำให้อึ้งกันไปได้เลย ยูส ทดลอง PG

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