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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Today there are so many choices when it comes to decide on a roller skate wheel. I have customers asking me quite frequently questions about this. They want to know which wheel I would recommend. It is not easy to answer these questions because it all depends upon what kind of skating you will be doing. Also, what one person likes another person might dislike. But with that said let me share with you what I would select in the different categories.

Artistic Wheels

One of the best out there is the Bones Super Elite. They are available in black, white and whiskey and come in a hardness of either 101A or 103A. A good runner up is the Bones Elite. These cost a little more than many of the competition, but if you are looking for the best, I would pick one of these. The Bones Team Series is a very good less expensive pick that also would be a good choice.

Outdoor Wheels

When it comes to outdoor wheels, it is a little more difficult to pick the best, because there are several very good choices. If you are skating in a rough outdoor surface, I would recommend the Atom Road Hog or the Atom Pulse as the top of the line choice. If you can’t afford one of these, I would then recommend any of the Krypto outdoor wheels. If the outdoor skating is on a rather smooth surface, then I would recommend the Atom Poison, Atom Poison Alloy, Atom Super G, or Atom Venom. These are top of the line recommendations. If you can’t afford these, then I would suggest the Hyper Sonic instead. They are very popular.

Speed Wheels

Just like the outdoor wheels it is very difficult to recommend a particular wheel. I would look at anything made by Atom that has a hardness of 90A or higher as my first choice. My second choice probably would be the Vanilla Backspin, although some are better than others. If these are too expensive for your budget, then Sure Grip makes some great wheels at bargain prices. Their Twister or Zoom also provide quality at a very good price.

Let me emphasize that these are my recommendations. Someone else might have a different perspective. But since I get this question asked quite often, I thought it important to write this article. I hope that this will help you in getting the best set of wheels for your skates! You can find all of these wheels and other skate accessories at

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Anonymous Dorothy Johnson said...

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