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Tuesday, April 3, 2012
As a child I was very fortunate to be given a pair of roller skates. I had no one to teach me how to roller skate. It was just trial and error, but eventually I caught on. Roller skating became something really enjoyable growing up. I now have grandchildren and want them to try skating. You might be a parent or grandparent and perhaps might be looking for the right roller skate for your child. Let me share with you what I have learned.

First of all, you might think that you should buy a cheap pair of skates. Most want to do that for two reasons. First of all, the child will probably grow out of the skates in a year or two at the most! Secondly, you don't know if they will really give it a shot. You don't want expensive skates gathering dust. But if you buy a real cheap pair of skates, your child or grandchild will probably not have a good experience. There is a big difference between a cheap pair and a higher quality pair.

For a child 8 years old and younger I would suggest one of the following skates to consider:

Dominion Espirit - This is one of the most popular skate for younger children. It is an excellent skate and is available in sizes 9 junior and on up. There are very few good quality skates that will come in a 9 junior.

Lenexa Juvenile - Just like the Espirit it is available in either black or white boot and is a quality skate. It begins in size 10 junior and on up.

Madrid Junior - The wheel is just a little bit bigger than the Lenexa 54mm versus 52 mm but a very good choice.

For a child 8 years of age and older I would look at the low top or speed skates. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Bullet - A great selling skate that also has a very nice look. It comes starting in size 1 and up.

GTX 500 - A great choice for a beginner's skate or children and adults. This skate is very popular and you can't go wrong with this skate. It will provide you with a lot of fun.

Vapor 7 - This is the best skate for the money for older children. It starts with size 1. This Pacer skate is an excellent starter with features not available in cheaper skates! It will be difficult to find a starter skate with all the features of this skate. It has padded collar boots, heel stabilizer, and ABEC 7 bearings.

One final concern is the fact that kids grow fast! Why not get one size larger. For example if your child is a 11 junior, why not get them a 12 junior. They can wear an extra pair of socks that will help the skates fit properly.

Every child should learn to skate. Get them a good quality skate (you don't need to break the bank!) and you possibly could be opening a life time sport for your child.

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