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Monday, November 7, 2011
I have people asking me on a regular basis questions about inline skating. They want to skate but realize that there are so many different kinds. Let's say that mom, dad and the kids made a decision to take this up as an activity for the family. If they go online they will find a large selection of great hockey skates. Unless they want to play hockey as a family, it is best to look at some other possibilities

One option that some pick is the fitness skate. If you want to take up this as a family, it might not be your best choice unless some or all of you are experienced and can afford their prices. A fitness skate normally is expensive (over $200). The wheels are usually larger for speed and they always have the top end bearings. Other skates can have a lower end bearing, but not the fitness. In fact, another name for this is a speed skate. Fitness or speed skaters are very comfortable at higher rates of speed.

Recreational or family skates are usually the best choice for a family wanting to get out of the house and do something together. What makes them different from others? It is the design.

Family or recreational skates have a soft boot with an exterior support system that gives ankle and foot support. As I already mentioned, the bearings are not always the best available. The bearings would be in a range from ABEC 3 to ABEC 9. As a beginner, you would probably not notice the difference on an ABEC 3 versus a ABEC 9. Also, you will find that the wheels are smaller. The larger the wheels the faster you go! It is easier to learn on a skate with smaller wheels. So if you want to ride on a sidewalk as a family and you are not interested in speeding, this kind of skate is just what you need.

Most online stores have a large selection of these kinds of skates. You can buy something real cheap or very expensive. I would recommend you pick something that does have some quality. That means staying away from the real cheap options. They won't last and you probably will not have a good experience. You don't have to spend a lot of money, but spend some money! For the kids, check out some of the adjustable inlines. There are some very good quality adjustable skates available at a decent price.

So mom, dad, and kids get out there and have fun! With the information I have provided I believe you can make the right decision on skates and will, as a result, have an enjoyable experience.

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