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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Many skaters decide that they'd rather skate outside rather than indoors. It gives them not only the opportunity of great exercise but also an abundance of fresh air! But there are rules that we need to follow if we are going to be skating outside. Just getting on your skates and taking off is not wise or safe. You need to know some of the simple and yes, common sense rules, before your start. When you learned to drive, you needed to know the rules before you got behind the steering wheel. The same applies here. It is for your safety and the people you encounter. Follow the rules and you will have an enjoyable experience!

If you are skating outside, you are probably skating on a sidewalk, bike path or in a park. Always be aware of other people, and avoid quick stops or last-minute turns. You could possible hurt yourself or somebody else!

When you see children or animals, you need to slow down. Children can be unpredictable and could quickly run right into your path causing both you and the child injury. If the animal is not leashed, it could start chasing you. If you are going very fast, this could be a problem. Don't think you can outrun the animal. Some dogs love to chase!

Skate like you are driving a car. Stay to the right and pass on the left. But before you pass, make sure that there is no one behind or in front approaching on the left. When you are passing someone, it is courteous to alert that person of your presence by saying in a friendly tone, "passing on the left".

I notice a lot of skaters decide to skate with headphones. This is very dangerous. It can block out sounds that can alert you to possible danger. I believe a lot of injuries could have been prevented if skaters would leave their headphones off when skating.

Finally, don't skate at night unless it is in a well lite area. You might be able to see where you are going, but someone else might not see you! For example, if you are on a bike path, a bicyclist will probably be going a lot faster than you are. And if they are riding in a dim lite area, they might not see you. Be very careful if you decide to skate at night.

Once you become a more experienced skater, you will find yourself going very fast. We need to remember to follow the common sense rules I have outlined and you will have a great time.

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