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Monday, August 8, 2011
When children go to a roller skate rink for the very first time, they can easily be overwhelmed by their first experience. As they walk through the door of the rink, they probably can hear sounds coming for the rink inside. Additionally, in the lobby and on the rink they can hear laughter of children and families enjoying themselves. Parents need to be prepared for loud music and probably it would be a very good idea to wear a pair of ear plugs!
If you are entering a roller skate rink for the first time, you are beginning a fantastic experience whether you are an adult or child. You will be exposed to things that you have never seen before in your lifetime. If you did not bring your own roller skates, the first task you will have is to select a pair of skates that will fit your feet. Sometimes it might be necessary to try on a couple of pair before you find a skate that feels comfortable. Next you need to find a locker where you and your family will store you street shoes and personal valuables.

The odor of the lockers and the facility can sometimes be offensive in some rinks. Don't let that discourage you. Many families bring scented sprays with them so they can rid themselves of the smell of sweaty feet. Make sure that all the family members bring socks with them. The socks should be at least ankle length. If they are too short, they can easily cause blisters to form before your skating time is over. Also, bring with you some elastic toe bandages. Many experienced skaters won't skate without them!

When you get onto the skate floor, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. Experienced skates know how to push past the beginning skates that are slow on the rink. But there is an etiquette that is followed on a rink that is similar to the rules of driving in the fast lane. Slower skates are expected to skate near the wall of the rink which is always on the right side. Anything towards the center of the rink is reserved for skates who are experienced. Some of them can go very, very fast.

There are other types of enjoyment to be found at the rink. Teenagers (and children) love going to the snack bar or eating pizza with their friends. It is also a very good place for teens to take someone on a date. The lights on the rink floor are lowered throughout the night and couples have many changes to enjoy some dancing maneuvers while wearing their roller skates.
If you are a new skater, you probably will find an experienced skater who would be very willing to share with you some of their techniques. Usually at the rink you will find a lot of kind, helpful people. Some young people might spend very little time on their skates because of their interest in the video games and pinball machines that are usually located in a game room next to the rink.

If for some reason you did not like the rink you visited, try another one. Usually there are at least a couple of rinks in a small city. But by all means make this an experience that will be great for the entire family!

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