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Monday, August 22, 2011
If you live in the northern part of the United States, you must likely have to find your exercise indoors in the winter. Many go to the gym to get on a treadmill or exercise bike, etc. Or you might have purchased some kind of exercise equipment to use in your home. But what about engaging in some exercise outdoors on the sunny days when it still might be cool or in the good old summer days. Why not take up rollerblading (which is another way of saying inline skating). It can be a lot of fun and it is much better for you than being stuck inside trying to exercise. Most cities have nicely paved paths in parks or other appropriate locations near your home. As long as the paths are not covered in snow, you can inline skate any time of year. If you live in a city, please check the roller skating rinks. They many times will allow rollerblading on their rinks. If so, you will be able to skate all year-round regardless of the weather outside!

There are many great benefits from inline skating. It is much safer on the knees and back than jogging because your legs are not taking as much pounding against a hard surface. Compared to cycling, you don't have to travel as far to get maximum benefits. Rollerblading provides you with fantastic lower body workout by strengthening and toning your thighs, calves, and hamstrings. Additionally, you are getting a great cardiovascular workout!

I also would like to recommend that you combine skating with some strength training exercises with weights such as leg extensions, leg presses and calf raises. If you do this, you can be assured that your muscles and bones will remain strong and will help prevent any possible injuries from occurring. This is important not only for rollerblading, but also for any kind of exercise that involves the legs.

There is a debate whether you should engage in some stretching exercise before you begin exercising. I believe you should do what feels best for you. Also, the first few minutes should be done at a slower pace so that your muscles can appropriately warm up!

Rollerblading is very safe once you learn how to do it. Occasionally you will fall, but rarely by yourself. If you do, it is usually the result of something your skates hit on the pavement. It is always very wise to wear some protective equipment while skating. You might want to purchase some elbow, wrist and knee pads along with a good helmet.

I need to warn you that once you get on those skates and experience the joy of rollerblading, you are going to become addicted. My recommendation is not to fight this addiction, but enjoy it! Happy rollerblading!

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