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Sunday, August 28, 2011
When I started roller skating, I really didn't know anything about the roller skate. My focus was on learning how to roller skate, not figuring out the different components. After you have been roller skating for a while, you probably will want to know more about the different parts of the skate. Perhaps you bought a skate that was not too expensive and now you want to upgrade. It is always wise to not begin your skating experience in an expensive skate. You might determine down the road that you might have wanted a different kind of skate. But because you invested so much initially, it is difficult to transition. So let's look at the different parts of the roller skate.

There are two types of boots. First is the artistic and recreational boot which is also called "high top boots". As the name implies, this type of boot is good for general skating at the rink or for dancing, etc. The second kind of boot is called "low top boots" and can be used for many things. You can use this kind of boot for speed skating, jam skating or roller derby skating. Like the "high top boots", the skate boots come in all kinds of prices. A few of the real good names are Vanilla, Riedell, Sure Grip and Pacer.

Anything over 90A hardness should be used for the rink. If you purchase a wheel lower than 90A, the wheel would be very appropriate for outdoors on sidewalks, bike tracks or just plain concrete. If the wheel is close to 90A, it probably could be used for both the rink and outdoors. But it is usually better to get a wheel for either outdoors or indoors. Or better yet, purchase a set of wheels for inside and well as outside. The wheels also come in different sizes. If you are into aggressive skating or roller derby skating, look for a wheel no larger than 59mm. A child learning to skate should be careful not to get too large a wheel. I would suggest something under 72mm would be good.

This supports the wheels and is attached to the boot. A good frame or "plate" as some call it is important to having a good skating experience. When looking for a frame, make sure that it is light weight. Today a lot of frames are made of aluminum or other materials that are lighter even than that! An experienced skater will make sure that the frame is top quality and will support the type of skating that they would like to do.

Bearings are used for the wheels to rotate smoothly and freely. They come in either 7mm or 8mm. Most skaters will want the 8mm. This refers to the inner diameter of the bearing and the size of the axle it is going on.

Toe Stops or Breaks
The top stops are lifesavers for beginning skaters! The breaks or stop can be on the toe or the heel or under the toe. If you are a beginning skater, make sure that your skate has one of these stops and someone tells you how to use it!

Most important of all, make sure that all your questions are answered before you purchase your skates. Once you have them, enjoy the experience. I hope that you will enjoy it for many years to come!

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