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Sunday, July 10, 2011
I can remember the very first time I put on a pair of roller skates. I was so excited and quickly learned how to skate. However, once I could start moving with ease around the rink, I realized I had a big problem. My feet started to hurt and when I finally got off my skates I realized that I had a blister. If I would have known then what I know now, I would not have had that problem. Hopefully, a few suggestions will help you to prevent developing blisters whether you are a new skater or experienced.
  • Do not wear your old socks. Even though you might love them, they can be a prime candidate for causing blisters as you are using skates. The reason for this is because they no longer can provide support where you most need it.
  • If you are skating for a long period of time, take an extra pair of socks with you and change into them if you feel moisture developing in your boot. Also, you can buy foot powder or cornstarch to put in your socks to help soak up the moisture and will keep your feet dry.
  • If you have a very sensitive area of your feet, it could become very susceptible to developing blisters. You can purchase Band Aid Blister Blocks, Mole Skins or Second Skin and put over the area of concern.
  • Chose the right pair of socks. The socks should fit your feet and not be too tight or loose. A study was done at the University of Missouri on the composition of socks and preventing blisters. Lia Huhman from the University shares their interesting conclusions. "I would not want a sock that was overall cotton. I might look for a sock that had some of those synthetic materials that were proven to be better." A good suggestion also is to look for a pair of socks that have different compositions of materials in different parts of the sock.
  • Finally I would suggest finding socks that do not have a seam. There are some socks that have extra padding on the heel and toe areas. This can be worse if the seam sticks out. It can cause you blisters as it rubs against your foot. Try wearing double layer socks or two pairs depending on what you like best. Double layer socks can help in the prevention of developing blisters.

With all this info in hand, you are in a much better position to prevent the developing of blisters. Skating can be very enjoyable, but when a blister starts to develop on your foot, the joy quickly disappears. With this information I hope that your skating experience will be always enjoyable

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by: My Roller Skate World


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Band-Aid Friction Block. I promise you will never have blisters again.
I was a pretty good skater in college (hockey) and had developed callouses back then. But I don't skate often any more, and I have no callouses now. I would get blisters every time I went out. Frustrating. Came across Friction Block accidentally at the pharmacy one time and picked some up. I didn't actually use it until months later, but when I went skating again, I just put some of this stuff on my ankles, and skated for hours. It goes on like a solid stick deodorant. I did nothing else to prevent the blisters: Absolutely NO blisters developed. I can't say enough about this stuff.

November 9, 2013 at 7:32 AM  
Anonymous Dorothy Johnson said...

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November 20, 2016 at 9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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