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Monday, June 13, 2011
Learning to roller skate can be intimidating at first. If you are a child, it probably will be the first few minutes that will be the most difficult. After that, the fear is managed and the child gradually becomes more confident on the skates. As an adult, the experience is usually more daunting. The fear usually goes beyond the first few minutes because it takes an adult a little bit longer to feel comfortable on the skates.

There are two big fears, mostly with adults, when it comes to skating. The first is fear of falling (which will happen) and secondly is the fear of not being able to stop. That fear can be managed when a skater realizes that they can plow into the rink walls. But practice and more practice and a good instructor (anyone who knows how to skate) and some good padding can get you on the road to become a skater. If you are just starting, please don't be embarrassed at the rink. Even though there are many great skaters around you, they remember their own first attempts. Most will be very supportive and helpful to you. I would strongly urge you to begin your learning to roller skate at a rink and not outdoors.

However, if there is not a rink nearby or you only want to skate outside, there are a couple of points that you need to know.

1. Wear a helmet and protective gear. Although you might be using skates intended for outdoors, there is a much greater chance for you to fall. Things like cracks in the cement, rocks, etc. can easily send a novice skater to the ground. Some department stores and online stores provide some excellent choices for protective gear. Your risk of being injured on roller skates can be lowered by wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards. Whether you are an adult or child, wearing protective equipment when you are outside is essential. A helmet will reduce the risk for serious injury by 85%.

2. If you have an abnormal fear of falling, you can help eliminate this fear by wearing some padded undergarments that are worn by hockey players and roller derby players. If you are learning on a rink, you can rent a "skate mate". It is a safe, durable, economical and effective teaching tools to help beginning skaters of all ages to learn how to roller skate. The "skate mate" stabilizes the skater so that they can quickly develop balance and self-confidence. The "skate mate" can be used outside but it will be more effective if used indoors on a rink.

So why not give roller skating a try! Perhaps you will find a hobby that will give you great satisfaction as well as great exercise. If you are a parent, please give your child a good opportunity to learn how to skate. If you do, your child might begin a sport that will carry throughout their life.

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