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Monday, June 27, 2011
I can remember years ago when I went to the skating rink that I did not wear a helmet. I not only did not wear a helmet skating, but neither did I wear one riding a bike. Times have changed! Today we recognize the danger of not protecting the head from injuries. Perhaps we were a little bit naive thinking that nothing would happen to us or perhaps if it did, nothing serious would happen. Today you cannot skate at a rink without a helmet and shame on you if you ride a bike without one!
So we need a helmet. Where can we get one and how much do they cost? They are available at many large department stores, bicycle shops, online stores, etc. You can find a good quality helmet between $35 to $60. You do not need to spend more money to get a helmet that will adequately protect your head.

If you already have a helmet, should you keep it or replace it? There are a few factors to keep in mind before making that decision.

1. If you have crashed with your helmet, please replace it. The foam in the helmet is not meant to take more than one hit. I know that it might look fine but that does not mean that it can do the job next time. If you had a minor crash, look to see if you can see any marks on the shell or assess any foam crush. If so, please replace the helmet! There are a few manufacturers that will actually be willing to inspect your crashed helmet to see if replacement is needed. Check the internet for addresses and phone numbers of manufacturers.

2. If you have an old helmet, replace it. Many of the older helmets dating back to the 70's and 80's do not have the protection that today's helmets provide. Also, the old helmets will age even if you are not using them. Don't take the chance on using old equipment even though it worked well for you or your parents many years ago.

3. Even if you have a newer helmet and have never crashed with it, you might find it necessary to replace it. There are factors to help you make this decision.
a. Usage. If you use your helmet on a regular basis, you should probably change your helmet about every five years. In fact, helmets change every few years and are always improving.
b. Care and abuse. If you don't take good care of your helmet, you need to replace it. How soon it should be replaced is determined by the amount of abuse. Please do not throw your helmet onto any hard surface. It will damage the helmet and would make it necessary to be replaced.
Helmets today are available in all sizes and shapes. Take good care of your helmet and it can last several years

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