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Thursday, May 12, 2011
Either a child will request or a parent will decide to look into buying a pair of roller skates for their children. Parents decide because they had perhaps a memorable experience as a child at a roller skate rink. Children request skates when they had the opportunity to visit a rink. The most common exposure would be a birthday party or a group such as the Cub Scouts.

Once the parent makes the decision to buy a pair of roller skates, one of two things happen. Either they have a good idea what to buy because of the personal experiences on skates or they have no idea what to purchase. This is because they haven't skated in years or have never had the experience.

The first place the novice parent looks for skates is at department stores. Unfortunately, because a large inventory would be necessary to accommodate all sizes, most stores carry on a very few pair of roller skates. Most of these are very cheap and will fall apart in a short time, but probably would last until the child outgrows them. They probably would not be candidates for being handed down to other children in the family.

There is a greater problem for buying skates that are cheap. When a child takes these skates to a rink, the experience will not be very pleasant. Most likely, the child will use the skates just that one time and will never use them again. So, in reality, they could hand them down to another child, but most likely the younger child will have the same experience. Parents then conclude that roller skating is not something for their children.

But if parents would invest just a little in a pair of skates, they could reap great dividends. If they would look for a skate in the $50 to $100 range, they would find some excellent skates for their child. The experience for the child would be a lot more favorable and perhaps create a desire for more visits to the rink.

Regarding size, parents many times would like to find a good pair of adjustable skates. But most of these skates are very cheap and will not give your child a good experience. A better choice would be to find a good pair of skates that are one size bigger. For example, if your child is a 12 junior, get them a size 13 junior. Yes, it might be a little too big, but by wearing an extra pair of socks, your child will not notice any problem.

The benefit will be that the more expensive skate might last for at least a couple of years. If a parent wants to give their child a real opportunity to discover roller skating, they need to invest in a good pair of skates. Avoid the cheap skates and not only do you give your child a good experience, but also provide a pair of skates for the younger children in the family when the grow into them.

by: My Roller Skate World


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