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Thursday, February 10, 2011
My Roller Skate World is in existence because the individuals who run it love rollerskating and inline skating! But there is a greater reason than this. All the people who work for My Roller Skate World are volunteers and all the profit from the store goes to help a Foundation.  The Foundation is called,  Hope for the Future Children's Foundation, Inc.   Their website is:   All the money received by this Foundation go to two areas of focus.  First, the major focus will be helping poor single parent families in the Greater Orlando area.  Secondly, it will help very poor single parents in a small city outside of San Jose, Costa Rica called La Carpio.   Learn more about this by visiting the Foundation's web site.

Everytime you purchase a skate or accessory you can rest assured that the profit goes directly to the Foundation.  There are NO administrative costs

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