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Thursday, May 21, 2009
I want to welcome you to our blog. Since this is our first blog, I think it will be appropriate to introduce ourselves. My name is Ken and our store is currently being run by my daughter in law, Charis. In about a year I will be running to store myself. Eventually, all the profits from the store will go to help children. We are in the process of forming an foundation called, Hope for the Future Children's Foundation. We are currently helping very poor children in a third world country but will be open to other needs in the future as well.

We are operating this store because skating is such an wholesome sport for the entire family. So many families are being torn apart today. If we could get more families going together to a rink or doing skating together in their neighborhood, it will leave lasting pleasant memories for our children. It is our hope that this sport will become more and more popular over time and enjoy some of the simple things of life!

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