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Sunday, June 10, 2012

     How to Change Roller Skate Wheels

                     And Bearings

Frequently I am asked by customers on how to change the wheels and also the bearings.  This is not complicated and in fact is very easy.   I have put below a video that simply and easily explains how to do it.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

                      ATOM WHEELS REVIEW

I have found the Atom wheels to be some of the best wheels sold today.  I have previously shared my assessment of their outdoor wheels.   This time we will focus in on the rest of their wheels.  I will divide the wheels based upon their use.

Speed Skating On Ideal Surfaces

Atom Stroker    

This wheel provides fast superior performance on excellent surfaces.  It has a hardness of 97A and is 62mm x 44mm.  Use this wheel if you want a speed wheel to be used on excellent indoor surfaces.

Atom Dubz 2.0 

This is the fastest speed wheel made by Atom.    It comes in two colors.  The orange is 97A and the  blue is 95A.  The difference is that the blue gives a little bit more grip.  Both wheels are  62mm X 44mm.

Atom Lowboy or Atom Lowboy 2.0         

Wheel will give great stability and roll.  It comes in a hardness of 95A and is available is either 62mm x 44mm or 62mm x 38mm.  This wheel sticks out compared to the other speed wheels because it overs a 38mm wheel.    If  you are into precision speed and cornering, check out this wheel!

Atom D-Rods    

This wheel features a hollow hybrid core and it is 25% lighter than other aluminum wheels.  This is also the number one wheel for derby skates on sport tile flooring.  It has a hardness of 95a and comes as a 62mm x 44mm wheel.

Slick or Less Than Ideal Surfaces

Atom Super G  

If your track is slick or not the best, I would recommend this wheel.  It will give you a lot of grip.  The blue has a hardness of 88A and the red 91A.    The wheel is 59mm X 38mm.   If you are into derby or wanting to make quick moves on less than ideal flooring, this is a wheel to consider.

Atom Stinger

Just like the Super G these wheels do very well on the not so ideal surfaces.  Provides excellent traction.  The stinger has a hardness of 88A and is available in 62mm x 44 or 62mm x 38mm.

Jam or Derby Skating On Ideal Surfaces

Atom Trak Atak

This wheel will give you great grip and with the smaller wheel will make your derby or jam experience flawless!   The wheel is 59mm X 38mm.  With this wheel  you can pick the grip that you want.  It comes is a 93A for a fantastic grip or you can go to a 95A or 97A.

Atom Omega or Atom Omega 2.0

This wheel is a favorite of many jam or derby skaters.  It gives excellent grip and allow you to make the quick moves jam and derby skates want to do.  It is a 62mm X 38mm wheel with a hardness of 93A.  The 2.0 gives you a hybrid hollow core.

Atom G Rod or Atom G Rod 2.0

This wheel can be used on multiple surfaces and provides great maneuverability than most of the other wheels with great traction.  It has a hardness of 93A and comes either as a 62mm x 44mm or 62mm x 38mm. 

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           Artistic Wheels--How to Find the Right One!

Customers frequently ask what wheel would be best for jamming or dancing.  It really depends upon the skater.   There are so many variables that need to be considered. 

1.       If you are an experienced skater, you have a wide open window of possible wheel selections.   You can go for a  small wheel (55mm) or a larger wheel (62mm).  Also, you can pick whatever hardness fits you the best.  You can go from a 96a to a 103a.

2.      But if you are not experienced, I would suggest you stay with a smaller wheel (55mm or 57mm).  Also I would recommend that you give yourself a little bit of grip and go with either a 96a to a 101a.  I would stay away from the 103a if you are not experienced.  It is faster but you will not have the grip the softer wheels will provide.

With all that in mind I am asked which artistic wheels are the best.  The best of the best in my opinion would be the Bones Super Elite and coming in as a close second would be the Bones Elite wheels.  I have never heard of a problem with these wheels and my customers tell me many times that they will only get Bones wheels.  This does not mean the other wheels are not good.  There are several other good wheels  that are less expensive but for the price you can’t go wrong with Bones.

Check out our website for our wheels at  or click on one of our links:

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Monday, May 14, 2012

            I Think Atom Wheels Are The Best!

There are many excellent wheels on the market, but I feel that the Atom Wheels are at the top of the class.  They are a little bit more expensive than many other wheels, but they will give you a quality performance.   Let’s look at their wheels.

First, let’s look at the outdoor wheels.

Atom Poison

This can be used outdoors or indoors on slick surfaces.   If you have experienced sliding as you skate, you need this wheel.   You will not get a marshmallow feeling with these wheels.  The Durometer is 84A and comes in two sizes:  62mm X 38mm; 62mm X 44mm

Atom Poison Alloy

This gives you everything the Poison wheel provides but additionally you will get  Atom’s Hybrid Alloy Core.  The Durometer is 84A and comes in size 62mm X 38mm.

Atom Road Hog

This is one of the best outdoor wheels on the market.  I know some of you might not like the color, but don’t let that be the only factor in your decision.   You will never regret getting these wheel.  Durometer is 78A and it’s size is 62mm X 42Mm.

Atom Pulse

If you want to skate on the boardwalk at the beach or just some general outdoor skating, you will love this wheel.  Durometer is 78A and size is 62mm X 38mm

Next time we will examine the large selection of indoor wheels.  But check out our wheels at or click on one of these links:

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Today there are so many choices when it comes to decide on a roller skate wheel. I have customers asking me quite frequently questions about this. They want to know which wheel I would recommend. It is not easy to answer these questions because it all depends upon what kind of skating you will be doing. Also, what one person likes another person might dislike. But with that said let me share with you what I would select in the different categories.

Artistic Wheels

One of the best out there is the Bones Super Elite. They are available in black, white and whiskey and come in a hardness of either 101A or 103A. A good runner up is the Bones Elite. These cost a little more than many of the competition, but if you are looking for the best, I would pick one of these. The Bones Team Series is a very good less expensive pick that also would be a good choice.

Outdoor Wheels

When it comes to outdoor wheels, it is a little more difficult to pick the best, because there are several very good choices. If you are skating in a rough outdoor surface, I would recommend the Atom Road Hog or the Atom Pulse as the top of the line choice. If you can’t afford one of these, I would then recommend any of the Krypto outdoor wheels. If the outdoor skating is on a rather smooth surface, then I would recommend the Atom Poison, Atom Poison Alloy, Atom Super G, or Atom Venom. These are top of the line recommendations. If you can’t afford these, then I would suggest the Hyper Sonic instead. They are very popular.

Speed Wheels

Just like the outdoor wheels it is very difficult to recommend a particular wheel. I would look at anything made by Atom that has a hardness of 90A or higher as my first choice. My second choice probably would be the Vanilla Backspin, although some are better than others. If these are too expensive for your budget, then Sure Grip makes some great wheels at bargain prices. Their Twister or Zoom also provide quality at a very good price.

Let me emphasize that these are my recommendations. Someone else might have a different perspective. But since I get this question asked quite often, I thought it important to write this article. I hope that this will help you in getting the best set of wheels for your skates! You can find all of these wheels and other skate accessories at

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
The first real exposure to roller skating to a lot of parents today is when their child is invited to a birthday party at a skating rink. At that party the child rents a pair of skates and their parents either watch them or seek to join them on the rink. From that exposure some children develop a real interest in the sport. Also, some parents decide that this is a sport that they would like to engage in with their children. This article is written for new skaters seeking to learn the sport.

So you decided that you want to roller skate. You don't want to rent them every time you go to a rink. That can get very expensive if you go often. What kind of skates should I purchase for myself and my child? It all depends upon what kind of skating that I want to do. Most people will just want to just use them on the rink. There are many excellent skates available under $100 that will serve you well as you begin this new journey. Whether you are buying for yourself or for your child, stay away from the real cheap skates. They will not give you a good experience and will break down in a short time. In fact some of the cheap ones will start falling apart after you use them a few times. Stay away from the cheap skates that you find at the Big Box stores. Look for some quality brand names over $50 and you won't be disappointed.

Once you get into it you will notice on the rink people who are into jamming. What is jam skating? It borrows form gymnastics, break dancing, hip hop and is an amazing show of balance and athletic ability. The purpose is to change these moves from traditional dancing and do them on roller skates. There probably will be tournaments either at your rink or somewhere nearby for them to showcase their skill. If you are into dancing or other moves associated with that, perhaps you would love to perfect some of those moves on roller skates. Then jam skating is for you!

Another type of roller skating is called derby skating. This kind of roller skating is very entertaining and attracts a sizable crowd. This is a contact sport for men and women. This has grown internationally and is mostly now a women's sport. You won't find derby skating taking place at your local roller skating rink. Roller derby takes place on an oval track and they score points by passing members of the opposing team. They get very physical in the encounters with the opposing team.

Artistic or recreational skating is done on high top boots. Artistic skating involves spins, jumps and dance moves. All competitors are judged on their deportment, flow of movement, harmonious composition, conformity to the music and use of the rink.

So you can see that skating can take many forms. I would suggest that you simply start out on the rink learning to skate. If any of these other types of skating interest you, you can eventually buy some skates that will be appropriate for that sport. Most of all get on some skates and enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012
As a child I was very fortunate to be given a pair of roller skates. I had no one to teach me how to roller skate. It was just trial and error, but eventually I caught on. Roller skating became something really enjoyable growing up. I now have grandchildren and want them to try skating. You might be a parent or grandparent and perhaps might be looking for the right roller skate for your child. Let me share with you what I have learned.

First of all, you might think that you should buy a cheap pair of skates. Most want to do that for two reasons. First of all, the child will probably grow out of the skates in a year or two at the most! Secondly, you don't know if they will really give it a shot. You don't want expensive skates gathering dust. But if you buy a real cheap pair of skates, your child or grandchild will probably not have a good experience. There is a big difference between a cheap pair and a higher quality pair.

For a child 8 years old and younger I would suggest one of the following skates to consider:

Dominion Espirit - This is one of the most popular skate for younger children. It is an excellent skate and is available in sizes 9 junior and on up. There are very few good quality skates that will come in a 9 junior.

Lenexa Juvenile - Just like the Espirit it is available in either black or white boot and is a quality skate. It begins in size 10 junior and on up.

Madrid Junior - The wheel is just a little bit bigger than the Lenexa 54mm versus 52 mm but a very good choice.

For a child 8 years of age and older I would look at the low top or speed skates. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Bullet - A great selling skate that also has a very nice look. It comes starting in size 1 and up.

GTX 500 - A great choice for a beginner's skate or children and adults. This skate is very popular and you can't go wrong with this skate. It will provide you with a lot of fun.

Vapor 7 - This is the best skate for the money for older children. It starts with size 1. This Pacer skate is an excellent starter with features not available in cheaper skates! It will be difficult to find a starter skate with all the features of this skate. It has padded collar boots, heel stabilizer, and ABEC 7 bearings.

One final concern is the fact that kids grow fast! Why not get one size larger. For example if your child is a 11 junior, why not get them a 12 junior. They can wear an extra pair of socks that will help the skates fit properly.

Every child should learn to skate. Get them a good quality skate (you don't need to break the bank!) and you possibly could be opening a life time sport for your child.

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